The Cave Gloucester - Cheese, Chocolate, Wine
The Cave Gloucester - Cheese, Chocolate, Wine
Laura L. Cramer, Proprietor, The Cave

ABOUT The Cave ~ Gloucester’s Neighborhood Cheese Shop

In June 2012, The Cave opened at 44 Main Street in downtown Gloucester. We have been open year-round since then. See current hours here.

My concept was to offer cheese, chocolate and wine in a warm, inviting setting. Cheese being the beautiful, fresh food that needs to be sold by the piece, per customer’s request, not stacked, wrapped and stamped to die a slow death in a refrigerator. Everything important points to tasting. As much as I can try to describe the delicate, or assertive qualities of a fromage, I encourage and usually strongly insist upon putting a bite in your mouth when you peer into "Betty", the sweet cooler that houses the wheels, blocks, wedges and cakes of cheese.

The Cave is named as a historical reference to the cheese maker and their need to age and mature cheeses appropriately. Caves- old world, new, or improvised are rooms that provide humidity, light and temperature in optimum conditions.

The Cave offers chocolate from dozens of chocolatiers. And truffles are an art unto themselves. There are also caramels, bark, and other delicious confections at the Cave.

We have inspired, eclectic wine offerings for our guests. There is something sensational when you have an aged Colston Bassett Stilton, or Great Hill Blue on your tongue and bathe it in a beautiful port or great red.

Come in and visit for the full experience.

-- Respectfully, Laura L. Cramer, Proprietor

"He who does not eat cheese, will go mad." (French proverb)

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